Virtual Tours Are The Future

I for so long was against the pushing technologies within photography. I had a passion to stay as true to manual work as I possibly could regardless the industry I was working in. Yet as time goes by and things change, I too also grew to finally accepting a form of photography I had so stubbornly fought to work with. Yet I fell in love with it almost instantly as I began to play with it more and more. I realized that I didn't have to define my photography within the use of one camera I work with and that helped open me up to an entirely new world within photography that I have been loving diving head first in to: 3D Scanning with my Matterport™ Pro2 Camera (Example of a residential scan below)

The new direction I have taken in my photography career was unexpected, yet I could not be more excited for where it might possibly take me and my future. I don't plan on sticking with just residential work within this technology by any means either!

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