Covid-19 Cautious

During these trying times in our world history it can be difficult figuring out how to go about doing certain things in life that can slow down plans or goals. Being able to not only offer a service to help with navigating those concerns but maintaining a healthy consciousness within precautions for safety is a great feeling. With all of the features that can be integrated in the 3D scanning services as well as ease of knowing your listing can not only still be seen by the world but fully toured virtually by buyers' without the need for stepping foot in the door unless completely serious is a huge weight off of many shoulders.

Coming prepared with booties, masks, gloves, and wipes into a property while adding the need for only the service provider on site during scan helps maintain a solid level of social distancing as well as cleanliness both before and after scanning. The benefits of 3D scanning technology during this time of crisis I personally believe can be huge for not only the real estate community but many major industries to begin utilizing more and more. Being able to create a 3D scan for others to tour around the world from the comfort of their living room is the future I am so happy I am becoming a part of.....

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